Let’s Begin Your Healing Journey

Saans Lena Therapists

E. Ruby Tovar-Morin
Owner and Founder
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #90111
Confidential Voicemail: (858) 240-4683
Email: [email protected]

Carly Stewart
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, #128598
Supervised by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Confidential Voicemail: (858) 324-6418
Email: [email protected]

Our Mental Health & Wellness Partners

Elaine Hamilton
Therapist, Podcaster and Co-Founder of The Finding You Project
Elaine Hamilton LMFT

Carolyn Klusmeier
Therapist, Speaker and Church Mental Health Contributor
Klusmeier Therapy

Dr. Adrienne Stewart and Team
Naturopath, Owner and Medical Director of Nourish
Focusing on Your Whole Body Health and Wellness
Nourish Medical Center San Diego

Shannon Little
Still Waters Therapy