You Are Welcome Here

The journey of therapy is both beautiful and challenging. It invites you to not only look within and outside of yourself, but also to reflect on your past, to stay present, and to hold a vision for your future. It takes courage, compassion, and self-love to do your healing work. But, when you accept the invitation and step into the process of healing:

  • Wounds in you begin to heal
  • Your capacity expands
  • Your resiliency to live through times of struggle grows
  • Restoration and reconciliation begins to occur
  • You begin to experience more freedom and connection
  • You learn to live from a fuller sense of who you truly are
  • You practice acceptance for and kindness towards the many parts that make up who you are
  • Disconnected parts of who you are begin to integrate
  • You begin to live more honest with yourself and others

And begin to embody the very essence of what is needed most in the world — a wounded healer.

At Saans Lena Therapy, we believe you are sacred and worthy just as you are. Everything that comes from within you is welcome here and will play a part in cultivating the change and healing you desire. Your personal story is made up of unique experiences and we encourage you to honor that. There is already a well of wisdom in you. A wholeness exists in you that has been hurt by the storms and waves, the many unhelpful and damaging narratives and systems in life that leave us self abandoning and/or living in armoured, highly avoidant ways. The humbling and intentional work of healing can help that inner you, the inner wisdom in you emerge and evolve. You are capable of healing and claiming or reclaiming the truth of who you deeply and truly are.

We couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this vulnerable and holy time with you. We look forward to coming alongside you as a collaborative guide with the proper tools and education, insightful intuition, resources, and an empathetic and active presence to be a witness in your healing and remind you of the authentic true you that already lives deeply in you.